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Your smartphone could be making your job harder

Economist Dan Ariely shows that notifications are making us more distracted and less efficient.

Frozen in time: 5 Mannequin Challenges we can't stop watching

A tour of a famous college campus, backstage at James Corden's studio and an NFL team celebration make our list.

But first, let me take a selfie – with my Coke bottle

Coca-Cola has built a new bottle with a working camera that snaps a selfie while you sip.

A matchmaker's survival guide for dating in a digital world

Facebook profiles, online dating apps and friendly texts can be your best friends or worst nightmares.

The inspiring reason thousands of people drew dots on their faces

A mom's support for son sparks a campaign of kindness on Facebook.

How to turn your selfies into emojis for free

Video shows how Moojis app makes it possible to create your own crazy characters.

5 times parents hilariously embarrassed their kids on video

Sit back and watch as parents spoil their children's chances at stardom, independence and ... home-grown doughnuts?

Instagram star Nastya Lisansky gets real

The effortlessly stylish insta-blogger star opens up in a candid interview.

5 dogs you have to follow on Instagram

Cat videos may rule one corner of the web, but when it comes to social media, these photos go to the dogs.

Swing dance your way through Jerusalem

A dance group has turned this Mediterranean city into a stage for this famous American dance.

Turn your phone into a Houseparty

The creators of Meerkat are back with a live video chat service that's as easy as the push of a button.

Street-chic superstar shares her inspirations

Karen Or's street styles are edgy and bohemian, and anything but predictable.

How jewelry inspired a young techie to launch a successful company

This visionary has built SimilarWeb into a force for web and mobile app analysis.

A street photographer helps define one of the world's coolest cities

Ido Biran's images on Instagram and Facebook showcase the character of his hometown.

Watch the inspiring real-life story of one woman's unlikely rise to YouTube stardom

'Presenting Princess Shaw' tells the tale of a down-on-her-luck New Orleans singer and a producer from across the world who made her famous.