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This viral sensation is now going on tour

Adorable couple's homemade music videos have led to an album, just released this week.

A town where Einstein once lived has become a prime selfie spot

Tourism officials in Bern, Switzerland, just erected 4 statues that honor the world's favorite genius.

Can Facebook save the planet?

Learn how social media managers are using the Internet to amplify their causes.

Is group video chat the next big Facebook trend?

The Houseparty app has skyrocketed in recent months, and the social media giant has taken notice.

This study will make you think about how many Facebook friends you have

A new analysis looks at how our social media life reflects our real life.

Science confirms: Your smile emoji does not replace your actual smile

A new study takes a closer look at what happens when we use emojis at work (hint: It's not good).

Our favorite celebrities 'ham' it up for a good cause

#Ham4All is this year's Ice Bucket Challenge, and it seems like everyone is participating.

How your turned-off phone can still be distracting you

Surprising new research reveals that people perform better on tasks when their phone is literally in another room.

Ai Weiwei is Instagramming his vacation, and we're all quite jealous

Check out this global art star's lovable Instagram pics from his Mediterranean getaway.

Gal Gadot’s mom is absolutely adorable on Instagram

From set visits to meeting Ben Affleck, it's hard to imagine someone more proud of their daughter.

Man makes the most epic used car ad ever

Millions of people worldwide watched the video but, incredibly, the neighbor who bought the car wasn't one of them.

Cancer-stricken woman's final wish: See the new 'Wonder Woman' movie

The film doesn't come out until June. Will the director swoop in and save the day?

Your newest emoji obsession is ... you

Instantly morph your face into an emoji, thanks to a new app called Memoji.

Kendall Jenner and the rise of the selfie-created mega model

Are you the next Kendall Jenner? Find out how social media savvy and a little luck can garner international fame.

6 home chefs you’ll want to follow on Instagram

They may be amateurs, but these foodies could write the book on making you hungry.