Science - Page 25

Einstein statue unveiled at university campus

8-foot tall sculpture celebrates the 100th anniversary of the physicist's theory of relativity.

Team creates self-sustaining, clean-powered water system

An international consortium of countries worked together for new desalination tool.

Historian says we'll be cyborgs within 200 years

Will we one day become part man, part machine?

Why good people sometimes break bad

A new study sheds light on our unethical choices and what we can do to avoid them.

Make room in your garage for the world’s first 3D printed car

Strati from Local Motors can go from digital concept to physical vehicle in less than 44 hours.

Go light on sugar but not on sweet with new technology

A new solution may just be the answer to our sugar addiction.

Is this guy the most irrational man in America?

Dan Ariely has created a cottage industry around the most basic of human endeavors – decision-making.

Password security questions remain problematic

A Google study recommends solutions that may be easier and safer.

Finally, Einstein gets his own museum

A book and film about the science icon are also in the works.

Why patients play violin, read and sing during surgery

Videos reveal how awake surgery gives doctors instant feedback and keeps patients safer.

Using cell towers to detect hazardous fog

Our hunger for faster smartphone data speeds may one day give meteorologists a new tool to monitor fog.

Is this species extinct, endangered or threatened?

Find out how much you know about the status of our world's most beloved animals.

Anxiety and high IQ may go hand-in-hand

Why the Paul Reveres among us can be a boon to society.

An oasis dedicated to the art of unplugging

New space helps tech-obsessed urbanites disconnect from devices.

5 surprising benefits you get from brushing your teeth

From avoiding respiratory infections to reducing your risk of arthritis, brushing your teeth daily comes with unexpected health rewards.