Science - Page 23

Samsung's new monitor will help you cut the cord on phone charging

Company unveils the world's first computer monitor with built-in wireless charging for Samsung, HTC and Sony smartphones.

Whoa! Airbus is using 3D printed parts for its airplanes

Aircraft manufacturer embraces the 3D printing technology to reduce costs, fuel and time.

NASA announces major discovery of Earth-like planet

Scientists say the breakthrough brings us a step closer to finding life on other planets.

Do pretzels really make you thirsty?

A new study has some surprising findings.

Are we born to be optimistic, rather than realistic?

When we look into the crystal ball, we often see roses. Is that a good thing?

Facebook brings hand gestures to the virtual world

Company’s Oculus division acquires startup Pebbles with the hope of creating a more immersive experience.

Can you tell the Stone Age from 2015?

A quiz to get you in touch with your inner caveman.

Chameleons keep their eyes on the prize

New research suggests these fascinating reptiles can coordinate their eyesight.

Introverts spark a revolution

There's a movement brewing, and it sounds like silence.

The brightest light in the darkest depths

Blue lights illuminate a mysterious Israeli cave.

Why your birthday cake may be lying about your body's real age

New study on aging in young adults discovers that some people's 'biological age' progresses faster than others.

After historic Pluto flyby, scientists eager to meet

As photos wow Earthlings, scientists look to next steps at upcoming conference in Israel.

The year's best drone photography

Contest showcases a new aerial vision of the world.

Why are U.S. doctors increasing the use of brain helmets?

There's increased demand for device that helps treat multiple medical issues.

Seeing in all directions

Mirrors, mirrors, on the wall ... Who's the smartest of them all?