Science - Page 22

Want to live a long, healthy life? Live here

A new study identifies the countries where people live healthy lives the longest.

Will Mars be the new suburbs in 2040?

Buzz Aldrin joins the ever-growing list of people who think humans should colonize the red planet.

Scientists discover know-it-alls often fudge their facts; world breathes sigh of relief

Did we already know this finding? Perhaps. Maybe it's because we're so smart.

A new light shines on black holes

Long believed to be matter-destroying dead ends, black holes may actually offer a one-way ticket to other universes, Stephen Hawking says.

A path to beauty

This path leading into the Dead Sea fills us with mystery.

Tips on how to sing like a bird ... from actual birds

Psychologists studying how and why birds sing find similarities between human and bird creativity.

Mysterious sunken ship may no longer be a mystery

Nautical archaeologists studying the wreck off Israel believe it belonged to Baron Edmond James Rothschild.

Big bubbling brook

A waterfall in northern Israel catches your eye.

What's really happening during REM sleep?

New eye-opening research says we're processing information we 'see' in our dreams, just like when we're awake.

3D printing gives Honda a speed boost with car accessories

Consumers can create custom parts on demand.

7 ways to make someone else happy today

Being kind to others seems obvious, but it's also good for your health, and could make you a happier person in general.

Surfing on a heat wave

As a record-breaking heat wave hits the region, Israelis make their way to the beaches.

We’ll drink to that: Students build robot bartender

Science project dishes out delicious drinks – and plays beer pong, too!

Skin cancer 'trigger' identified, could lead to better treatment

Advancement in melanoma research helps doctors better understand the path this potentially deadly disease travels.

Jurassic exhibit lights up Jerusalem

Visitors enjoy a new interactive program of animatronic dinosaurs, art workshops and an archaeological dig.