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The rise of turmeric: How to use it in your favorite foods and reap the benefits

This storied spice has some serious health potential. It also tastes great in recipes.

5 foods that were meant for hummus

There's no food that isn't made better by a smattering of hummus – burgers, pizza, even beer.

The best recipes for clean eating that will channel the earth's goodness

Clean eating is simple and logical. If you want to eat well, go straight to the source.

Israeli cuisine gets the 'Under the Tuscan Sun' treatment

'Israel Eats' is a photographic cookbook that takes readers on a beautiful journey.

11 of our best desserts for when all you want to do is bake

For these one-of-a-kind cookies, brownies and cupcakes, it's full flavor ahead.

6 ways to cook with tahini that don’t involve hummus

This simple sesame seed spread is surprisingly versatile.

Spring salads that make eating your leafy greens fun

Turn salad into the best meal of your day, with these tasty and colorful ideas.

8 fabulous ways to make farm-fresh eggs

In these delicious dishes, farm-fresh eggs are more than an ingredient. They're the centerpiece.

6 spice blends you can make yourself

Looking for some creative ways to use all the spices in your cabinet? Turn them into flavor-enhancing, recipe-boosting spice blends.

​5 peanut butter sandwiches that don't include jelly

Stuck in a PB&J rut? Learn about some other simple, unexpected foods that pair perfectly with peanut butter.

An easy Valentine's Day dinner idea for sweethearts who can't cook

Impress the special person in your life by preparing a romantic meal – from appetizer to dessert.

Mezze: How to prepare a Mediterranean party plate

We’ll help you construct a party-ready appetizer spread that celebrates the best part of entertaining – sharing great food with great friends.

9 Mediterranean recipes we loved in 2015

From couscous to shakshouka to kebabs, the Israeli Kitchen whipped up some of the region's best dishes this year.

6 herbs and spices that'll add a kick to your kitchen this winter

Whether spicy or sweet – or both – your menu is sure to benefit from these flavors.

8 Israeli foods that are influencing how America eats

Hummus, falafel, shakshouka, shawarma, the list goes on. Here's why the U.S. loves this cuisine.