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How to be a Wonder Mom

Gal Gadot, aka Wonder Woman, reveals her motherhood lessons.

Seeing in all directions

Mirrors, mirrors, on the wall ... Who's the smartest of them all?

Now kids can create online games without knowing a line of code

Award-winning app inspires teaching tools for kids – from over-achievers to those with special needs.

Father of stutterer invents app to help his son

With NiNiSpeech, it's like having a speech therapist with you at all times.

5 boozy desserts dad will love

You're getting him a bottle for Father's Day anyway. Why not splash a little in your cupcake batter, too?

Stock your dad’s bar for Father’s Day

You know Dad deserves a treat. Make it a memorable one with these 5 bottles.

High-tech fantasy gifts for Dad

From aerial drones to slick urban scooters, here are 5 gadgets sure to make Dad smile from ear to ear.

As temperatures rise, kids flock to fountains

On warm summer days, children frolic in Jerusalem's public fountain.

How to make a beautiful recycled Mother's Day vase

Kids will love this hands-on craft – and Mom will, too.

Facebook fuels a 'sharenting' boom

Do you love posting photos of your kids? You might be a 'sharent' – and that's a good thing.

Facebook's new Scrapbook gives kids (and pets) their day in the sun

Parents can finally tag a child in a post in a safe and convenient way.

Artist channels her inner child with charming illustrations

Ofra Amit's work has appeared in books, galleries around the world.

Why are some folks short? New study says it’s more than genes

Your first year of life goes a long way toward determining how tall you will be.

New apps put a math tutor in your hands

Having trouble with algebra? These two apps show how to solve problems.

Display your kids' artwork with these virtual fridges

These websites and apps allow you to store and share your child's masterpieces.