National Parks - Page 2

Sun sets behind a turtle-shaped stone

An oddly-shaped stone is one of many unusual things you'll see in this national park.

A path to beauty

This path leading into the Dead Sea fills us with mystery.

Cool off in the Ein Gedi oasis

Walk through a lush landscape and splash through the streams of this beautiful nook in central Israel.

Prismatic lights glow on smooth water

Light filtering through clouds turn the Dead Sea into a rainbow.

Climb the cliffs of Arbel National Park

Rock climbing, hiking, base jumping and epic views – all in one gorgeous park.

The brightest light in the darkest depths

Blue lights illuminate a mysterious Israeli cave.

Cranes flock by a tranquil lake

Gray cranes gather in Israel's Hula Valley.

Making better lives: What we can learn from 5 of the happiest countries

The OECD's Better Life Index measures well-being across dozens of countries, but a handful stand out.

Drone photographs incredible hobbit home on the Mediterranean

Apollonia National Park is home to many historical wonders and a unique cliffside dwelling.

Beautiful above and below

A lake's reflection make this national park look twice as gorgeous.

A vibrant day at the Sea of Galilee

The lakeshore never felt more alive.

Vast but full of life: Explore Ramon Nature Reserve

Epic views, diverse wildlife and intriguing geology make this park a must-see desert wonderland.

Short, sweet and sensational: Israel's 7 best day hikes

Incredible views don't have to be achieved at the end of a long, sweaty, exhausting climb.

7 of the most beautiful protected forests in the world

Trees still rule in these protected natural areas.

Hiking the Israel National Trail: A journalist's journey

The landmark trail gives adventurers a number of natural wonders to explore.