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Tech companies out to change the world in 2016

The World Economic Forum's list of top early-stage tech companies includes several future heavyweights.

Innovative tech helps farmers save food

Grain and seed “cocoons” take a bite out of our global hunger problem.

Artist documented everything he ate – then turned it into a massive sculpture project

From food to art and back to food again: Itamar Gilboa's yearlong journey turns into a mission to end world hunger.

Dream machine eats trash, creates clean fuel

A consumer-friendly biogas device is helping feed the world in an eco-friendly way.

Can old-fashioned hair dye solve world hunger?

New non-toxic treatment can increase the shelf life of fruit and veggies up to 9 weeks.

Where Burners go the rest of the year

A hotel celebrates the Burning Man lifestyle year-round.

How a simple bicycle pump helps earthquake victims breathe

An unconventional low-tech solution is saving lives in a hard-to-reach locale.

A new approach to urban planning that can save water

Scientists are developing strategies to help cities around the world find sustainable water systems.

Can this drone swoop in and save the planet?

New high-tech camera assesses natural disasters, helps farmers and protects forests.

A house for the homeless, courtesy of 220 teenagers

An architect and her team of middle- and high-school-age helpers race against the clock to finish before graduation.

5 videos to make you laugh on Red Nose Day

Comedy fundraiser makes debut in the U.S.

After a natural disaster, long-term help is critical

Following a devastating cyclone in March, aid work continues in the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu.

Lending a helping hand in Nepal

The Israeli humanitarian group IsraAID's Search and Rescue Team has been hard at work in Kathmandu.

Tech companies offer help in aftermath of Nepal earthquake

Industry leaders jump to action to assist in the best way they know how.

Nepal earthquake: 5 ways to help

As the crisis in the country continues to unfold, these five charities need your assistance to expand their efforts on the ground.