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Israel group rushes in to help Floridians after historic storm

As the state begins to assess the damage from Hurricane Irma, EMS volunteers from across the world will be there.

Watch as remote tribe members in Siberia piece together their heritage

A genealogy company travels deep into the tundra to preserve the family history of the Nenets people.

After historic Nepalese flooding, help arrives from across the world

Tel Aviv-based IsraAid has sent 16 relief workers to the devastated region.

Why Susan Sarandon just dedicated a ping pong room in Germany

The Oscar-winning actress is known for her advocacy work and for her love of the sport – and both collided in Berlin.

This company figured out how to make water out of thin air

Learn about the new technology that could save the world from a drinking water crisis.

How one woman is transforming lives in rural African villages

Nearly 1 million people now have electricity and clean water thanks to Sivan Ya'ari.

As Peru flooding destroys homes and families, much-needed aid pours in

Help is arriving and schools are slowly reopening in the flood-ravaged South American country.

Can you match the celeb to their favorite charity?

From Portman to Pitt, these stars use the spotlight to give back and improve the world.

Video games for social good? This author says 'yes'

How playing video games can actually bring about much-needed change in the world.

Eat lunch, do good: Soup restaurant donates 100% to charity

This new eatery makes giving to charity easier – and more delicious – than ever.

72-hour makeathon leads to groundbreaking tech for disabled

From one-handed video game remotes to wheelchair accessible Ubers, these innovations are sure to make a difference.

Here's what happened when an African tribe saw a cartoon for the first time

In the heart of sub-Saharan Africa, animation is bringing something special to one remote tribe: laughter.

Olympian donates team jacket to charity

Judoka Or Sasson is helping raise funds for disabled children.

5 of this year's most creative planet-saving breakthroughs

These ingenious ideas will give you hope for the future.

New luggage line helps disabled people travel stress-free

The Handy Bag allows for easy access to personal belongings, and it also looks pretty snazzy.