Healthy eating - Page 16

Looking to lose weight? Try these high-fiber foods

New research pegs fiber as a handy tool in the weight-loss arsenal. Here are some foods from the Mediterranean Diet to get you started.

Poached eggs for breakfast

A quick and easy gourmet breakfast inspired by Julia Child.

How to pickle olives at home

Our chef explains how a rock – and a lot of patience – leads to some delectable pickled olives.

What is bruschetta?

Make a snack or a whole meal from toasted bread slices topped with deliciousness.

How a Mediterranean diet can help you keep your New Year's resolutions

Looking for healthy recipes? We've got you covered.

What is a black radish? A primer on how to eat this tasty root vegetable

Beneath its tough exterior, the black radish reveals a world of flavors. Here are 3 ways to enjoy one.

Vegan BBQ, party of 10,000

Veganism goes mainstream in Israel.

Are dates the new low glycemic sugar substitute?

From date silan to date puree, dates in any form can be a stabilizing factor in blood sugar.

8 out-of-the-ordinary hummus recipes

Get creative – and colorful! – with these fun hummus variations.