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What are the health benefits of thyme?

Versatile herb used to lower blood pressure, fight the flu – even treat acne.

How to make a tart and sweet pomegranate-date drink

According to new research, this simple-to-make concoction is heart-healthy.

7 of our favorite variations on eggs Benedict

Whether you're eating breakfast, brunch or breakfast for dinner, these dishes are stacked full of flavor.

6 of our all-time favorite food trucks

Take a virtual culinary tour of some of America's most impressive masters of mobile food.

These fruits are a 1-2 punch against cholesterol

The 'pomegranate-date cocktail,' as researchers in Haifa call it, is a veritable elixir for cardiovascular health.

France bans underweight models

Country also outlaws promoting unhealthy behavior to lose weight.

How to throw a mezze party

Easy steps to serving small plates, Mediterranean-style.

What makes for a good culinary travel destination?

According to the folks at Saveur, you can't go wrong with a foodie tour of Tel Aviv.

Atlanta’s favorite Mediterranean restaurant earns top honors on Yelp

With lines out the door, the healthy food and charismatic chef are drawing crowds.

10 great sandwiches from around the world

Feast your eyes on these yummy lunch creations.

A chef tames the wild at Eucalyptus

Unique ingredients combine for an unconventional touch in Israel’s fine heritage foods.

Introducing: The falafel waffle

We're celebrating International Waffle Day with a look at one of the waffle maker's most impressive feats: waffled falafel.

How to get those pesky seeds out of a pomegranate

Harvesting those nutritional gems can be a challenge, but with delicious rewards.

What is shakshouka?

Behold, the most delicious breakfast you've never heard of.

Health benefits of Mediterranean diet continue to rack up

New study shows adherents are 47% less likely to develop heart disease.