Food News - Page 9

Einstein cake wins international culinary olympics

Woman with no professional baking training took home gold.

A peek inside the portfolio of celebrated food stylist Nurit Kariv

Her clients span the globe, from a top New York market to Tel Aviv's most exclusive restaurants.

Why you love that cake you baked more than the perfect one you bought

Research shows that value may have more to do with psychology than with products themselves.

Grossed out by a certain food? Try eating it somewhere else

Researchers discover the same food could taste better at a different location.

Magazine wants to redefine food photography

For 3 artists launching a new medium, bright colors and surreal images might just do the trick.

This lifestyle change could save 20,000 lives every year

New research reveals the diet that helps people live longer, healthier lives.

Conde Nast's 'where to eat' list salutes Mediterranean cuisine

Magazine says 3 Mediterranean-inspired U.S. restaurants are must-dine destinations.

Meet the cowboy who's mainstreaming camel milk

Gil Riegler has been called the "Dr. Dolittle of dromedaries." He's shepherding a bizarre (and healthy) new food trend that makes camel milk seem like the new almond milk.

Move over, Bordeaux: There's a new wine country on the map

Wine Spectator magazine explores how Israel is shaping the winemaking industry.

Archaeologists discover that ancient farmers were surprisingly high-tech

Israeli civilizations from 5,000 B.C. seem to have used advanced irrigation techniques.

This glass could earn you free beers

A new smart beer glass can earn you free pints, food discounts and other cool stuff.

No animals were harmed to make this meat

A company is growing a new kind of cultured meat that's cheaper, healthier, tastier and better for the planet.

Seed Street brings urban gardening to Harlem streets

A young entrepreneur teamed up with a NYC DJ to teach kids how to grow hydroponic veggies inside shipping containers.

Never buy a bitter watermelon again

University students invent a sensor that picks the perfect melon.

NYC restaurant is making hamburger history

Manhattan eatery is the first to serve up the 'Impossible Burger.'