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Eat lunch, do good: Soup restaurant donates 100% to charity

This new eatery makes giving to charity easier – and more delicious – than ever.

This farm thrives on a mall rooftop

Green in The City is producing 'thousands of vegetables' while helping to build a blueprint for eco-friendly urban farming.

How do you grow food on Mars?

These food entrepreneurs, urban farmers and bio-hackers are figuring it out.

Watch chef Rachel Binder make irresistible Brazilian cheese bread

Discover the gluten-free Brazilian cheesy rolls that are becoming popular in the U.S.

Could eating peanuts save your baby from peanut allergies?

New National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases guidelines recommend feeding kids peanuts early.

7 celebrities you didn’t know were vegetarians

Natalie Portman, Peter Dinklage and Emma Stone swear by a plant-based diet. Is 2017 the year to go veg?

9 questions for an acclaimed knife designer

Tomer Botner's eye-catching designs and attention to detail are attracting praise in the cutlery world.

The best food podcasts to get your juices flowing

Warning: What you are about to read may make you extremely hungry.

How eating more chicken could save us from environmental ruin

New research says switching from beef to poultry might be the most efficient and earth-friendly way to eat.

7 ingenious ways to use common kitchen tools

There's a gadget for everything these days. But there's no rule that says you have to use it for its intended purpose.

Einstein cake wins international culinary olympics

Woman with no professional baking training took home gold.

A peek inside the portfolio of celebrated food stylist Nurit Kariv

Her clients span the globe, from a top New York market to Tel Aviv's most exclusive restaurants.

Why you love that cake you baked more than the perfect one you bought

Research shows that value may have more to do with psychology than with products themselves.

Grossed out by a certain food? Try eating it somewhere else

Researchers discover the same food could taste better at a different location.

Magazine wants to redefine food photography

For 3 artists launching a new medium, bright colors and surreal images might just do the trick.