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Sign of spring: Almond trees burst with blooms

In the Mediterranean, these blossoms signal that winter is officially over.

10 tasty Instagram accounts to fire up your appetite

Perfect for hungry globetrotters, these photos will point you to the best dining spots in town.

Top 10 reasons Bamba should be your new favorite snack

This slightly sweet, slightly salty snack is beloved by many, and we're here to tell you why.

Is a new word inspiring people to eat less meat?

Reducetarianism lifestyle is gaining in popularity around the world.

Tired of going broke to eat healthy? Give the Mediterranean diet a try

New research dispels belief that eating a healthy diet is expensive.

Semifinalists for best U.S. chef, restaurants showcase modern Israeli cuisine

James Beard nominations include some of our Israeli Kitchen favorites.

3 Mediterranean restaurants in the U.S. you must try in your lifetime

Atlanta, Philly and L.A. eateries make Yelp's coveted rankings. Here's why you should go.

5 reasons why Tel Aviv is a top foodie destination

Because the food is really good (and a few other reasons).

What's the best city in the world to be a vegetarian?

Every day is Meatless Monday in this sophisticated Mediterranean metropolis.

Cook like an expert: Award-winning Philadelphia chef offers up secrets to his mouth-watering dishes

Michael Solomonov’s new cookbook showcases recipes from his popular Mediterranean-themed restaurant.

Why making soda at home is easier than ever

Home carbonation machines are evolving in both technology and product to give consumers more bubbly power at home.

Which country is about to get 50 new Burger Kings?

The burger chain heads overseas to energize its business.

Study shows additional benefit of Mediterranean diet

Women who eat healthy can reduce their risk of uterine cancer by more than half.

Can a diet boost your brain power?

New study shows how Mediterranean foods like nuts and olive oil may ward off cognitive decline.

And the top vegan destination in the world is ...

The Daily Meal reveals its ranking of the best places to travel on a plant-based diet.