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Eat among the art: 7 of the world’s most beautiful museum restaurants

Come for the art and stay for the food at these gorgeous eating establishments.

A perfect way to start the day

An Israeli photographer documents his breakfast extravaganza.

Science confirms it: Food really does bring us together

Eating the same food as someone you've just met can help build trust and closeness.

What are the best food cities in the world?

If you’re a foodie, a world traveler or both, you’ll want to start saving up the airfare money for these 15 cities.

This Mediterranean city's revival starts with food

A tour of this rising culinary destination yields a world of flavors and a generous helping of local favorites.

6 U.S. restaurants take hummus to new heights

Everyone's favorite chickpea dip is being elevated to an art form, thanks to these incomparable chefs.

I checked out the new hummus restaurant taking New York City by storm

Dizengoff NYC opened in Chelsea Market a few weeks ago, and now I know why it's hard to find a seat.

Craft your own beer in seconds, just by adding sparkling water

New at-home Beer Bar allows you to make brew with the press of a button.

How a mom's pita bread celebrity portraits became a sensation

School lunches never looked or tasted so good, thanks to Gilat Orkin's unusual artwork.

How one company is revolutionizing the food-supplement market

BioHarvest's 'game-changing' technology produces a red grape powder as healthy as red wine.

The interesting tale behind these green waves of grain

How a botanist's discovery about this crop made him famous worldwide.

Israeli cuisine gets the 'Under the Tuscan Sun' treatment

'Israel Eats' is a photographic cookbook that takes readers on a beautiful journey.

And the best new restaurant in America is …

A beloved Mediterranean eatery in the heart of the Big Easy wins a coveted James Beard Award.

New site helps diners with food allergies find the perfect restaurant

Peanut allergy? Gluten free? Lactose intolerant? Let Vieweat guide you to a safe, hassle-free dining experience.

This high-tech kitchen is cooking up something new

How one international company is encouraging new ideas to help better the food industry.