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How a mom's pita bread celebrity portraits became a sensation

School lunches never looked or tasted so good, thanks to Gilat Orkin's unusual artwork.

How one company is revolutionizing the food-supplement market

BioHarvest's 'game-changing' technology produces a red grape powder as healthy as red wine.

The interesting tale behind these green waves of grain

How a botanist's discovery about this crop made him famous worldwide.

Israeli cuisine gets the 'Under the Tuscan Sun' treatment

'Israel Eats' is a photographic cookbook that takes readers on a beautiful journey.

And the best new restaurant in America is …

A beloved Mediterranean eatery in the heart of the Big Easy wins a coveted James Beard Award.

New site helps diners with food allergies find the perfect restaurant

Peanut allergy? Gluten free? Lactose intolerant? Let Vieweat guide you to a safe, hassle-free dining experience.

This high-tech kitchen is cooking up something new

How one international company is encouraging new ideas to help better the food industry.

America’s best coffee chains not named Starbucks (or Dunkin' Donuts)

These shops may be small in comparison, but they're big on flavor and appeal.

The U.S.-style burger experience goes abroad

Diners around the world can't resist an All-American burger with beer and fries.

Coca-Cola experiments with groundbreaking product delivery system

A sonogram signal to your phone can alert a driver to bring you a drink when you're thirsty.

What made Neanderthals look different than modern humans?

A new study figures out why Neanderthals were so stocky.

Sign of spring: Almond trees burst with blooms

In the Mediterranean, these blossoms signal that winter is officially over.

10 tasty Instagram accounts to fire up your appetite

Perfect for hungry globetrotters, these photos will point you to the best dining spots in town.

Top 10 reasons Bamba should be your new favorite snack

This slightly sweet, slightly salty snack is beloved by many, and we're here to tell you why.

Is a new word inspiring people to eat less meat?

Reducetarianism lifestyle is gaining in popularity around the world.