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Kim Kardashian West's new app is the Shazam for fashion

See an outfit you like on Instagram? Now you can find out how to get it.

Where are all the hottest fashion designers coming from? Tel Aviv

The Mediterranean metropolis is turning out an impressive crop of young, skilled talent that's making a global stake in the fashion industry.

What you should be for Halloween, based on your Myers-Briggs type

Don't go as a zombie or a witch. Let us help you be something more unique.

Scientists are using billions of photos to analyze fashion around the world

Why do people in Brazil wear more hats than people in Italy? Why do so many Americans wear black? These questions are finally answered, thanks to the wonders of technology.

Now there's a one-stop marketplace for eco-friendly fashion

27-year-old Daniella Zakon's Marrakesh website gathers artisans and retailers from around the world focused on sustainability, ethics and natural materials.

How scientists are turning cotton into superpowered cyborgs

A team of researchers just made cotton glow and turn magnetic. This feels like the beginning of a sci-fi thriller.

Meet Daizy Shely, the rebellious redhead designer taking Milan by storm

The edgy Israeli creates eye-popping fashion using pleats, fringe, denim and a whole lot of color.

You're going to want to know this 19-year-old high school dropout turned fashion designer

The fashion world is abuzz over Maya Reik, the Israeli designer whose fashion line reflects talent and sophistication way beyond her years.

This designer is selling an entirely 3D-printed jacket, and we want it

Danit Peleg's not even 30 yet, and she's already a global pioneer in the fashion industry. That, friends, is #lifegoals.

How to organize a clothing swap

Discover how to get rid of garbage and get free, new clothes at the same time.

We've been dyeing our clothes way longer than you thought

Archaeologists discovered the colored fabrics in an ancient copper mine.

Kids found this 900-year-old jewelry in a Crusader castle

Experts say the rings, bracelets, earrings and hairpins were left behind in the kitchen.

The future of fashion means your clothes can signal others for help

That's the newest trend at Berlin's Wear It Festival, and it could be in your closet one day.

Find out how this duo is making flying more comfortable

From a blanket with arms to a privacy barrier, LyLy Design Studio's products are improving in-flight comfort.

Here's what it takes to make it as a street fashion photographer

A rising star in the photography world gives us his tips.