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Scientists just found out how far back climate change goes

Turns out humans have been harming the planet for a very, very long time.

Go behind the scenes of a world-class natural history museum before it opens

We got an exclusive look at the Steinhardt Museum's collections as organizers prepare a grand opening.

Could airplanes one day be fueled by ... you?

This technique for producing hydrogen onboard could be a huge energy-saver for air travel.

You can plug your phone into this tree

These eTrees use solar panels to generate electricity.

Coral reefs are struggling everywhere – except for this one place

Scientists have made a fascinating discovery about some coral reefs' ability to withstand heat.

No soil? No space? No problem. Your vegetable garden just got a whole lot easier

Novel method is good for your home, and is also being used to help nourish villages in Africa.

This beautiful butterfly species took a million years to be discovered

Mistakenly believed to be another species, it took a Russian scientist at a ski resort to uncover the mystery.

Landscape designs we wish were in our backyard

Architect Martha Schwartz has been wowing the world with her work for decades.

My epic quest for the best bath in the world

The Earth's molten core creates hot mineral water that people (like me) travel miles for.

Thousands of EDM fans partied all night because they love the Dead Sea

French electronic music star Jean-Michel Jarre withstood high winds and performed well into early morning.

The new extra-powerful solar panels that could replace fossil fuels

These scientists are making solar power 70 percent more efficient.

As Peru flooding destroys homes and families, much-needed aid pours in

Help is arriving and schools are slowly reopening in the flood-ravaged South American country.

Birders set record by spotting 181 different species in the Hula Valley in 24 hours

The annual Champions of the Flyway bird-watching competition attracted contestants from around the world.

This country's construction is being fueled by trash

A new plant – the world's largest – uses garbage to provide fuel for making cement.

Photos of the world's 7 greenest cities

According to MIT and the World Economic Forum, these are the most livable and environmentally friendly cities on the globe.