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Now there's a one-stop marketplace for eco-friendly fashion

27-year-old Daniella Zakon's Marrakesh website gathers artisans and retailers from around the world focused on sustainability, ethics and natural materials.

How plants tell a story in slow motion

This piece of artwork at the Jerusalem Biennale says so much without words.

Will this new campus turn New York into the new Silicon Valley?

Cornell Tech is combining research, business and sustainability to usher in a new era.

Can Facebook save the planet?

Learn how social media managers are using the Internet to amplify their causes.

Watch as remote tribe members in Siberia piece together their heritage

A genealogy company travels deep into the tundra to preserve the family history of the Nenets people.

How one Florida town is turning air into water

To combat drought and prepare for hurricane season, Miami Gardens is the first U.S. city to use this Israeli tech.

The most resilient animal in the world is a tiny species you've probably never heard of

Count on this guy when times get tough. Like, apocalypse-level tough.

These spiders are masters of disguise

The arachnids act like ants to avoid being eaten.

We may soon be drinking wastewater, and that's a good thing

With help from Bill Gates, 'toilet to tap' trend helps water-scarce areas.

The surprising reason some corals glow in the dark

A new study sheds light on those beautiful fluorescent creatures way down in the depths of the ocean.

Get a sneak peek of landlocked Jerusalem’s new aquarium

The 70,000-square-foot aquarium is set to open later this month.

A photo tour of unusual sculptures by the sea

The Green Gallery adds nature to art viewing.

What do jellyfish and Robin Hood have in common?

New research explains how a jellyfish sting is like a thousand little arrows.

Three newborn sand cat kittens melt our hearts

One of the cutest endangered species gets a population boost in an Israeli zoo.

Why polar bears are getting better workouts

Scientists found that today's polar bears need to work harder to find food.