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The year's best drone photography

Contest showcases a new aerial vision of the world.

Could this high-tech plug stop leaky pipes and floods?

A new consumer-friendly device senses leaks and jumps into action.

Sailing in style

A surfer glides over the Red Sea.

Dream machine eats trash, creates clean fuel

A consumer-friendly biogas device is helping feed the world in an eco-friendly way.

Wander through the wildlife in a lush forest

This wildlife haven is closer to civilization than you'd think – and that's why folks are working to protect it.

Sunrise in the countryside

The sun's first rays color northern Israel's verdant countryside with the bright hues of early morning.

Clouds roll over the Negev

A bright morning in Israel's desert makes for a beautiful sight.

Why did these colorful coral reefs shock scientists?

The organisms were discovered 160 feet below the surface of the Red Sea.

What's so special about a 55,000-year-old skull?

This discovery in a cave in Israel is unlocking human mysteries that have gone unsolved for thousands of years.

Israeli experts teach irrigation techniques in West Africa

Senegalese farmers taught drip irrigation farming and water conservation techniques to quell food shortages.