Environment - Page 13

Cranes slice the sky in two

Migrating cranes fly over northern Israel.

Olive trees smile upon the day

An olive grove makes for the greenest landscape imaginable.

The tilted mountain world

A grove grows on the slant of a mountain in Israel.

Violet dawn breaks over a mountain

​A sunrise blankets ancient ruins in eastern Israel.

Artist documented everything he ate – then turned it into a massive sculpture project

From food to art and back to food again: Itamar Gilboa's yearlong journey turns into a mission to end world hunger.

Can this futuristic jewelry create electricity from your body?

One artist attempts to channel body movements into renewable energy.

Concerned about air pollution in your area? New tech lets you breathe easier

Find the best places to live, exercise and play with BreezoMeter.

Prismatic lights glow on smooth water

Light filtering through clouds turn the Dead Sea into a rainbow.

Farming just doubled in age

New research suggests farming began far earlier than previously thought.

The stuff of legends

The Mediterranean sea view that looks like it came out of an adventure novel.

Relaxing by blue waters

A young woman takes a break by the Galilee.

A dreamer's sunset

As the day winds to a close, this Tel Aviv port takes on a mystical feel.

Chameleons keep their eyes on the prize

New research suggests these fascinating reptiles can coordinate their eyesight.

The brightest light in the darkest depths

Blue lights illuminate a mysterious Israeli cave.

Summertime means party time on Tel Aviv's beaches

Tel Aviv's beaches are in season.