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Take a walk through one of the world's most interesting neighborhoods

Our writer discovered that street art is what gives Florentin its unique charm.

1,700-year-old mosaic discovered in a coincidental spot

What are the chances? Artwork unearthed on a very familiar site.

Eye-popping street art

Graffiti in this country has a proud heritage.

Giant flowers brighten city square with a surprise ...

This city's new art installation 'blooms' when you walk by.

Could you live in a 4-foot-wide home?

The world's narrowest dwelling challenges the concept of just how much space we actually need.

The world’s most terrifying glass skywalks

From the dizzying heights of Chicago to arresting views of the Alps, these glass engineering wonders open up a new world at your feet.

How to take a peek inside architectural treasures

During Open House programs, cities around the world offer the public a behind-the-scenes look at historical buildings.

A modernist home for the ages

Israeli architect Pitsou Kedem designs a home for his family near Tel Aviv.

Who's the architect behind these eye-popping buildings?

You may not know his name, but his buildings are nothing short of memorable.

Urban artists salute their cities' architecture

Enthusiasts from around the world illustrate windows, buildings in personal blogs.

7 'Hobbit Homes' around the world

From simple creations in hillsides to more dramatic cliffside abodes, here are 7 dwellings that would make J.R.R. Tolkien proud.

Affordable student housing in the form of … shipping containers?

This small house/sustainable architecture trend is heating up.

National Medal of Honor museum to be built in South Carolina

Project helmed by Safdie Architects expected to break ground next year.

12 of the world's most incredible bridges

These incredible bridges from across the globe incorporate smart, innovative features with beautiful designs.

Bauhaus architecture makes for stunning buildings

Bauhaus architecture is on stunning display in the White City area of Tel Aviv. Here are a few of the coolest examples of Bauhaus architecture in Israel.