Architecture - Page 3

9 towers that dominate city skylines

From Britain's Shard tower to Sweden's Turning Torso, these majestic structures make skylines stand out.

Cool photos: Design for Israel's tallest building is breathtaking

World-renowned architect Ron Arad's office complex will rise 63 stories above Tel Aviv.

Lego-like superblocks might be the hot holiday toy

Thanks to a new product, standard Legos can turn into moving objects with light, sound and sensors.

The 'world's smartest building' breaks ground

Intel new offices will tell employees where to park, when to eat and even schedule a haircut.

Uganda puts its future in the hands of an Israeli architect

The African country's new national planner plans to build 5 cities in 25 years.

The man changing the New York City streetscape

Eran Chen is the out-of-the-box architect who went from designing McDonald's branches to reshaping the Big Apple.

Photographer captures beauty of the 'Bridge of Eyes'

Take a walk around and through one of the world's coolest new bridges.

Paper airplanes that can save lives

Former design student's cardboard drone invention featured at major London event.

Student's brilliant invention makes city streets quieter

Mini-amphitheater champions street musicians without disturbing the neighbors.

With help from a friend, plans for a new tech hub take shape in Kenya

A Mediterranean metropolis that knows a thing or two about tech hubs is helping to build a 'smart city' in Africa.

Inside one of the world’s coolest offices

Wouldn't you love to work at a place with a breathtaking ocean view, kickboxing classes and a yoga room? And, yes, Harmonic's office has cubicles, too.

A quiet morning in a picturesque city

A little girl looks out the window in Jerusalem.

Raise your glass to this latest architectural wonder

The world's longest, highest glass-bottomed bridge opens in China.

Step through 10 archways to amazing places

From graffitied California streets to idyllic Irish villages, archways frame the world.

You won't believe this bench was built using old paper

A fancy new machine is crafting eco-friendly furniture molds with recycled paper.