Archaeology - Page 6

Amazing 12,000-year-old village discovered

Archaeologists also make important prehistoric find nearby.

3,400-year-old citadel will be incorporated into high-rise apartment

Both archaeologists and architects are excited about this discovery.

2,700-year-old farmstead discovered

Archaeologists also uncover a silo and a 1,500-year-old monastery.

Mysterious gold object identified thanks to crowdsourcing

For months, archaeologists were stumped by this unearthed item. But then they posted it online.

11th-century castle abandoned to beauty

Exploring the spectacular Montfort Castle awakens the 'Indiana Jones' in all of us.

6,000-year-old 'wand' discovered in cave

The lead object was the first of its kind found in the Eastern Mediterranean region.

1,700-year-old mosaic discovered in a coincidental spot

What are the chances? Artwork unearthed on a very familiar site.

Archaeologists unearth ancient fort in Jerusalem

The structure's location had eluded authorities for more than a century.

Archaeologists unveil 1,500-year-old mosaic

Rare, ancient artwork depicting streets and buildings in ancient Egypt has finally been revealed to the public.

Scientists use 12,500-year-old recipe to bake bread

New research reveals details about our ancient domestic life.

Mysterious sunken ship may no longer be a mystery

Nautical archaeologists studying the wreck off Israel believe it belonged to Baron Edmond James Rothschild.

Preserved cavemen teeth show evidence of world's first indoor BBQ

400,000-year-old tartar on teeth found to contain charcoal, plant-based foods and other surprises.

'Dig' a labor of love for Gideon Raff

'Homeland' creator enjoying second chance at producing for American TV.

Ancient stone tools reveal cavemen loved steak

Newly discovered artifacts show how our ancestors cut into and separated meat from animals.

5,000-year-old beer keg discovered

Archaeologists uncover ancient brewing vessels in downtown Tel Aviv.