Archaeology - Page 3

The Mediterranean was once a playground for pirates

New discoveries about 16th-century pirates reveal what private sailors had to do to protect themselves.

We've been dyeing our clothes way longer than you thought

Archaeologists discovered the colored fabrics in an ancient copper mine.

Kids found this 900-year-old jewelry in a Crusader castle

Experts say the rings, bracelets, earrings and hairpins were left behind in the kitchen.

Scientists discover a hidden ancient message – and it's a plea for more booze

It turns out wine parties were a thing 2,600 years ago.

You might be part Neanderthal, and here’s why

Scientists just pinpointed when humans became part Neanderthal.

Scientists just found out how far back climate change goes

Turns out humans have been harming the planet for a very, very long time.

Archaeologists reveal what some of our ancestors ate for dinner

A new dig made some fascinating discoveries about the menus of a 2,000-year-old civilization.

Video: What the ancient art of glassblowing actually looks like

Check out an Israeli glassblowing studio with me located only a few hours away from the earliest archaeological evidence of the art.

This is what a lighter looked like 9,000 years ago

Researchers say a recently discovered stone slab was used to start fires.

People walk on these ancient Roman ruins every day

These ruins were buried in Jerusalem for centuries ... until people dug them up and turned them into a shopping road.

Behold, the world’s oldest tooth fillings

Archaeologists in Italy discovered ancient teeth with large cavities, suggesting that dentistry goes back a lot longer than we thought.

Donkey poop offers new clues about King Solomon

Dung discovery supports archaeologists' theory of where ruler's lucrative copper mines were located.

5 legendary lost cities that have never been found

From Atlantis to El Dorado, these ancient civilizations remain as mysterious as the cryptic legends surrounding them.

Archaeologists discover British soldiers were pretty wasted during WWI

British troops stationed in Israel drank a whole lot of spirits to keep their spirits up during the war.

Video: See what an ancient cruise was like 2,500 years ago

There's no all-you-can-eat buffet but you could have feasted on olives, figs and grapes.