Archaeology - Page 2

Who were the ancient Natufians and how did they change your life?

One little culture started farming crops and taming animals, leading to the modern world.

Ancient Roman theater unearthed in Jerusalem

Archaeologists are calling it a 'sensational find.'

Archaeologists now know what ancient ghosts snacked on in the afterlife

Scientists dug up a 4,000-year-old jar of headless toads (Mmmm!) at a burial site near Jerusalem.

The unsolved mystery behind this 4,400-year-old pharaoh sculpture

Who was this man? Who brought his statue so far from home? And who destroyed it?

Did this ancient fishing spot create civilization?

This valley may have been so lush that it allowed hunter-gatherers to develop towns before farming.

Cable guys uncover 1,500-year-old Greek mosaic

Archaeologists believe the mosaic may have been the floor of an ancient boutique hotel.

Lemons were only for the rich ... and other odd facts about the history of fruit

Citrus has come a long way from its Southeast Asian origins. But how did it get so spread out?

This might be the oldest sexy art in history

The people who invented agriculture and domesticated animals also created the first sculpture of a couple having sex 11,000 years ago.

Was the oldest mug shop in history just discovered?

Archaeologists have found a chalkstone vessel workshop that dates back thousands of years.

Archaeologists discover lost home of Jesus' apostles

The birthplace of Peter, Philip and Andrew – near the Sea of Galilee in Israel – was just found hundreds of feet below sea level.

Rare artifacts reveal what life was like in Jerusalem 2,500 years ago

Excavators found grape seeds, charred wood, fish bones and some pretty amazing sculptures in their latest dig.

Pipe dream: Ancient water system discovered, plumber jokes come pouring in

High school students found the 2700-year-old system.

The Mediterranean was once a playground for pirates

New discoveries about 16th-century pirates reveal what private sailors had to do to protect themselves.

We've been dyeing our clothes way longer than you thought

Archaeologists discovered the colored fabrics in an ancient copper mine.

Kids found this 900-year-old jewelry in a Crusader castle

Experts say the rings, bracelets, earrings and hairpins were left behind in the kitchen.