Behold, the world’s oldest tooth fillings

Archaeologists in Italy discovered ancient teeth with large cavities, suggesting that dentistry goes back a lot longer than we thought.

Donkey poop offers new clues about King Solomon

Dung discovery supports archaeologists' theory of where ruler's lucrative copper mines were located.

5 legendary lost cities that have never been found

From Atlantis to El Dorado, these ancient civilizations remain as mysterious as the cryptic legends surrounding them.

Archaeologists discover British soldiers were pretty wasted during WWI

British troops stationed in Israel drank a whole lot of spirits to keep their spirits up during the war.

Video: See what an ancient cruise was like 2,500 years ago

There's no all-you-can-eat buffet but you could have feasted on olives, figs and grapes.

Archaeologists discover lost Crusader treasure

They found a shipwreck, gold coins and even an ancient order of knights.

'Extraordinary' 2,000-year-old road lets you take a stroll through Roman history

The road, recently discovered near Jerusalem, was once the route for emperors.

Archaeological discovery means that maybe the Dark Ages weren't so dark

This artistic monument found in Israel required 'technological knowledge and planning.'

Archaeology proves that Earth's magnetic field won't kill us

Scientists studying 600-year-old pottery prove the geomagnetic field is not going to disappear.

New clues discovered about Dead Sea Scrolls mystery

A 12th Dead Sea Scroll cave was discovered but the scrolls were missing. Why?

This 5,000-year-old beer recipe tastes pretty good, once you get past the mold

Stanford researchers just unearthed the drinking habits of ancient human civilizations, proving you can drink your way through college.

In search of King Solomon's fabled copper mines

Archaeologists discover a 3,000-year-old gatehouse that may have protected the quarry.

Discovery: Ancient Roman monks were really into this board game

Excavations at Israel's Montfort Castle revealed a whole lot about ancient Roman lifestyles.

What were Romans really doing in this theater? (Hint: not watching plays!)

The theater found in Hippos is believed to have been used for rituals rather than entertainment.

New Dead Sea Scroll fragments discovered in cave

With the writing so small, it's possible NASA could be called on to help decipher the text.