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How to get groceries delivered straight from the farm to your house

Find out what happened when our Brooklyn-based reporter ordered from the popular online farmers market Farmigo.

Tech team creates CliffsNotes for online videos

The Minute app identifies the videos' highlights to shorten into user-friendly trailers.

Ford hackathon winner helps drivers stay awake at the wheel

'Wake Me App' takes home the top prize in a 24-hour challenge to revolutionize the future of connected vehicles.

‘Virtual pillbox’ helps you keep track of your pills

A new app makes it easy and less expensive to keep up with all your prescriptions.

Need a ride to a concert or sporting event? We have a solution

A new app helps sports and music fans figure out transport to their event, and offers special discounts and game-day fun.

Through walls and under cushions, new Bluetooth chips help you find missing items

Pixie also reminds you if you forget to grab important things before leaving the house.

Bracelet offers cutting-edge engagement with your smartphone

Happic keeps you connected, but not attached, to your phone.

How to take a perfect selfie

Your friends have a secret to looking flawless in photos all the time – and it's hiding on their smartphones.

Apple patents tech for holographic smart home controls

The next step in the connected home could be controls projected on your living room wall.

Who wore it best: the celebrity, or their 'Peanuts' character?

We whipped up some 'Peanutized' celebrities, complete with their star-studded outfits.

Creating the coolest dashboard you've ever seen

Car giant is challenging developers to create new apps to improve the driving experience.

There's a new search engine, and I took it for a spin

Curiyo incorporates social media feeds into the browser experience.

How to tell if it'll be a good day at the beach

A combo of official and crowdsourced info makes Beachers your go-to beach app.

New smartphone a hit with the blind community

Melding state-of-the-art hardware and software, Project Ray gives the visually impaired new opportunities.

How to play like a superhero

Company co-founded by Avi Arad is bringing virtual reality into your hands.