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Never get delayed by traffic lights again

A new app can tell drivers the exact speed they need to travel to avoid stopping at red lights.

Your social network is now safely available in the car

Ford moves to integrate the world's first voice-based social media network in all of its connected vehicles.

Could your Apple Watch help prevent heart attacks?

The Hello Heart app helps you take better control of your health.

What if you could see what's happening at a party before you arrive?

New app shows you pictures and lets you know who's checked in.

Never search for a parking spot again

By some estimates, people can spend 106 days of their life looking for parking spots. Well, not anymore.

What parents think kids are texting

From dating to learning, a new study reveals all.

Clever new networking app puts experts at your fingertips

Founded on the notion of lending a helping hand, Silo opens a door to forming meaningful professional connections.

The largest educational event in history is happening this week

With 191,035 events around the world, Hour of Code is attempting to reach 10 million students.

Designers delight in new tool that lets you draw in 3D on your iPad

uMake is rolling out a program that lets you sketch 3D models on the go.

You'll never waste money on makeup again

This app turns any smartphone into a virtual makeup tester.

What the heck is Viber, and why should you be using it?

One of the world's biggest messaging apps – with more than a half-billion users – is making a push into America.

It's easier than ever to discover your family's roots

Global genealogy giant MyHeritage has removed language as a barrier to a successful search.

How to send messages to your loved ones from beyond the grave

A new free service allows users to send posthumous videos, images or messages to a friend or family member.

Macklemore knows how bands can make it big, no record contract required

Hip-hop star shares advice on how musicians can be heard.

Can you use your phone to find happiness?

Research by renowned psychologist inspires new tool to help users develop positive habits.