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Social media usage declining worldwide

A new study discovers that people are spending less time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Could this new belt help you sleep better?

Device incorporates ancient breathing techniques with cloud-based computing.

What do the top Reddit posts of all time say about human nature?

One leading behavioral economist takes a stab at analyzing 'the homepage of the Internet.'

How to connect with locals during your world travels

Cool Cousin travel app helps tourists meet residents with similar interests in cities around the globe.

20 hilarious rideshare tweets

Discover the Uber, Lyft and Waze rides that have become Twitter-worthy adventures.

How do your favorite celebs stay fit? This app spills the secrets

MakeMyPlate merges food journals with celebrity nutritionists to help you meet your goals.

5 must-have beauty apps for a fresh, new look this spring

From virtually trying on makeup to ordering a beauty professional to your door, here are the top beauty apps to download.

Free SAT test study guide is now on your phone

New app offers students an alternative to expensive courses and private tutors.

'Anti-Facebook' mobile app is backed by Leonardo DiCaprio

Galaxia allows you to create as many personal profiles as you please.

What’s that building? This technology knows

AliceWho? is a new visual search technology coming soon to your phone.

New app can ID any art you see

Artbit blazes new trail for connecting people with the artists behind their favorite works.

Now you can use a smartphone to figure out your eyeglass prescription

Developers of new app say it's as accurate as visiting an eye doctor.

Cabbage Patch Kids get a digital-age makeover

The iconic doll is making a comeback – this time with LCD eyes, tiny touch sensors and a companion app.

How one business is keeping the Ice Bucket Challenge alive

Viber is helping to take the mega-popular ALS fundraising campaign to a new level.

5 tech tools that could save lives

From monitoring your health to finding your pet, this innovative software is now at your fingertips.