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These guys want to make shopping more exciting

Their new Checkout Apps promotes a more interactive experience between shoppers and displays.

The baby monitor gets a 21st-century makeover

This new device learns how your baby moves, tracks room conditions and delivers a highlight reel video of how your baby slept.

The new technology that's helping Olympic kayakers

Motionize gives real-time feedback to kayakers through a virtual coaching system. Here's how it's helping kayakers train for Rio.

Startup wants to change the face of online shopping

Smart buttons around your house might just be the next wave of e-commerce.

Never buy a bitter watermelon again

University students invent a sensor that picks the perfect melon.

Got an unused gift card? We've got a place for them

A new online marketplace is solving a $100 billion problem.

Students' idea is changing the way we get our cars fixed

Engie app diagnoses what's wrong and crowdsources quotes from local mechanics.

New devices help the blind 'see' differently

The EyeCane and EyeMusic use sound to improve mobility and education.

Take a virtual walk through the Einstein archives

The new Arts & Culture app offers an unprecedented look at the famous scientist.

Why the next generation of Pokémon Go will be 'pretty epic'

Magic Leap founder says we’ve only just begun to see the awesomeness of augmented reality.

Playing Pokémon Go? You can thank Einstein for that

Yes, the physicist had a hand in the world's most popular new app.

Meet the man who figured out Pokémon GO is more popular than Twitter

A new app is making headlines all over the U.S. And then some guy made a prediction. And now it's gone completely viral.

Turn your phone into a Houseparty

The creators of Meerkat are back with a live video chat service that's as easy as the push of a button.

Musicians can learn any song with instant lyrics and sheet music

Utab needs only a few seconds to transform a song into digital sheet music.

Think you scored a cheap flight? Here's how to find discounts after booking

FairFly tracks airfares so that if your ticket price drops, you can rebook and win back the difference.