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The Kim Kardashian weather app has finally arrived

Curious as to what Kim might wear in your city based on the current weather? You will be.

New app bridges the gap between musicians and fans

Fansino lets artists connect with supporters – and vice versa.

Crowdsourced app helps users identify odd charges on credit cards

Hidden fees and suspicious activity become a thing of the past with BillGuard.

U2 partners with Meerkat to live stream concerts

Every show on North American tour will be shot by a fan and live streamed on the video app.

Innovative incubator specializes in wine, gastronomy and tourism

Food, spirits and travel startups get a huge boost from French accelerators.

Why more people are going offline

In an age of constant connection, people are starting to see benefits from disconnecting.

5 coffee apps that make getting your cup o' joe easier

Indulge your caffeine fix with these tech-savvy twists on the typical coffee shop visit.

EyeIn searches social web and delivers a more personal photo experience

New software combs Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for best images of a concert, sporting event and more.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and other fun voices for your GPS

Waze employs the Governator for its GPS app, the latest in a line of celebrity voices.

App keeps an extra set of eyes on the road

Tapping into crowdsourcing, a startup aims to connect drivers, help prevent traffic accidents and more.

Why the Apple Watch is about to become more useful

App developers praise upgrade that will significantly enhance user experience.

Innovative app allows you to easily rate professors

With only a few swipes, GradeBack helps you leave feedback on courses from universities around the world.

Magic Leap opens its reality tech to developers

Secretive startup, backed by Google, seeks creative minds to exploit its 'mixed reality' devices.

American Well makes online access to doctors easier

Company that offers video chats looks to expand.

How Google and others are taking the typing out of searching

Photo-based visual search can help you find out more information about everyday objects you come across.