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Albert Einstein is known as the world's favorite genius. And here at From The Grapevine, we couldn't agree more. With about a story or two every week, our Einstein coverage is both comprehensive and fun. We cover everything from the science to the sublime. Looking to hear how Einstein is responsible for new planet discoveries? You'll find that here. And you'll also discover how the Nobel Prize-winning physicist influenced pop culture stalwarts like Star Wars and Superman. Bookmark this page or subscribe to our RSS feed, as our story list is constantly being updated. Because, as Einstein would say, time is all relative.

Museum lets children inside Albert Einstein's head

Students learn about one of the 20th century's true geniuses through an ingenious, interactive exhibit.

Surprising historical photographs of famous people hanging out together

From Einstein and Chaplin to Nancy Reagan and Mr. T, we had no idea these folks were friends.

Albert Einstein's enduring connection to the animal kingdom

The much-adored genius had a dog, a cat and a parrot. Plus: Find out about famous pets named Einstein.

New international partnership to promote Einstein, STEM education

No. 1 initiative is to make science ‘cool’ again for students.

Student builds super-smart robot that paints award-winning Einstein portrait

The painting of the world's most beloved scientist nabs top prize in international contest.

Einstein started a book club, and here's the reading list

What the beloved genius and his buddies discussed in the Olympia Academy is legendary.

Cake in the shape of Einstein's head wins best in show

A former cop-turned-cake decorator makes an edible Einstein and wins top prize.

Did Albert Einstein really say that?

Everyone from Kourtney Kardashian to Donald Trump has done it. A world-renowned Einstein expert explains why so many misquote the genius.

When Superman met Einstein: A history of Albert Einstein’s comic book appearances

The beloved father of relativity has appeared alongside Superman, Captain America and quite a few other heroes over the years.

Which celebrity's personality do you have?

Match up your Myers-Briggs personality type with famous actors, writers and scientists.

Meet the actor who does a one-man show about Albert Einstein

For 10 years, Duffy Hudson has embodied the genius 600 times. So, who is this guy?

4 times Einstein had an influence on pop culture

From Kanye West to "Back to the Future," the world's most beloved genius has popped up in lots of places.

'Next Einstein' competition in search of modern-day genius

The winner of the contest will receive $10,000.

Einstein's theory creates 'watershed moment' in science

To celebrate, the 100-year-old manuscript was brought out for all to see.

Albert Einstein's wise words about love

The world's most famous genius had some smart things to say on the topic.