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Albert Einstein is known as the world's favorite genius. And here at From The Grapevine, we couldn't agree more. With about a story or two every week, our Einstein coverage is both comprehensive and fun. We cover everything from the science to the sublime. Looking to hear how Einstein is responsible for new planet discoveries? You'll find that here. And you'll also discover how the Nobel Prize-winning physicist influenced pop culture stalwarts like Star Wars and Superman. Bookmark this page or subscribe to our RSS feed, as our story list is constantly being updated. Because, as Einstein would say, time is all relative.

How Einstein's abandoned refrigerator design could feed the hungry and save the planet

Albert Einstein patented a refrigerator in the 1930s that doesn't use greenhouse gases and can run without electricity. So what happened to it?

What's inside the 3D book in the shape of Einstein's head

Finished product will include essays about the future from 100 modern-day visionaries.

Artist creates Einstein portrait made entirely of Smarties

With Andy Warhol-inspired whimsy, one of the 20th century's smartest men pops to life.

Lights, camera, Einstein! Hollywood's connection to the world's favorite genius

Whether it was in front of the camera or hanging out at movie studios, the beloved scientist was made for the big screen.

4 things we bet you didn't know Einstein invented

Albert Einstein patented about 50 designs over the years for inventions that had nothing to do with physics theories.

8 famous visionaries who kept a journal

From Einstein's travel records to da Vinci's wondrous illustrations, these personal documents add dimension to some of history's biggest names.

Now you can write like a genius thanks to the Einstein font

It took 6 years and more than 100 characters for Harald Geisler to make his dream a reality. And he's not done yet.

Take a virtual walk through the Einstein archives

The new Arts & Culture app offers an unprecedented look at the famous scientist.

Fans get glimpse of Einstein's favorite stuff

Museum showcases his record player, his pipe and his favorite chair among other items.

Playing Pokémon Go? You can thank Einstein for that

Yes, the physicist had a hand in the world's most popular new app.

Genius slept here! Einstein's vacation home up for sale

The Nobel Prize winner had great taste in summer homes. Perhaps you'd like to take a look.

Meet the man who cartooned Albert Einstein for decades

Cartoonist Sidney Harris tells us what it's like to draw history's most cartoon-friendly scientist.

Einstein gets his own pop-up exhibit in Manhattan

The Morgan Museum & Library features some very rare items belonging to the beloved genius.

Albert Einstein loved sailing (but didn't even know how to swim)

The beloved genius was good at lots of things, but apparently not the best at one of his favorite hobbies.

What we saw when we went to the Albert Einstein Archives

While tours are available to anyone, advance notice is needed. Luckily, we had an invite.