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Albert Einstein is known as the world's favorite genius. And here at From The Grapevine, we couldn't agree more. With about a story or two every week, our Einstein coverage is both comprehensive and fun. We cover everything from the science to the sublime. Looking to hear how Einstein is responsible for new planet discoveries? You'll find that here. And you'll also discover how the Nobel Prize-winning physicist influenced pop culture stalwarts like Star Wars and Superman. Bookmark this page or subscribe to our RSS feed, as our story list is constantly being updated. Because, as Einstein would say, time is all relative.

This robot can paint a masterpiece of Einstein

An inventor-turned-artist has created a machine with such skill, it now paints better than him.

This 11-year-old girl just beat Einstein on an IQ test

World's favorite physicist still holds plenty of other records.

Why Albert Einstein would love 'Star Wars'

We think the legendary physicist would thoroughly enjoy the epic space saga.

Einstein's most famous theory to be tested in space

A just-launched mission could actually prove the theory of relativity.

5 videos of people trying to explain the theory of relativity

Presented by Einstein 100 years ago, the concept has confounded people for decades. That is, until now.

Meet the 26-year-old who runs Albert Einstein's Facebook account

How did a law school graduate end up posting for the world's favorite genius? The story of how 17 million fans ended up in the hands of a guy at his first job.

Einstein's most famous theory turns 100, and it hasn't aged a day

Fans of the world's favorite genius are celebrating a momentous occasion this month.

The twisted tale of the man who stole Albert Einstein's brain

Many are celebrating the work of the Nobel Prize winner this month, but others can't forget this bizarre story that's also part of his legacy.

How much do you know about Albert Einstein?

This quiz will test your knowledge about our favorite genius.

Einstein statue unveiled at university campus

8-foot tall sculpture celebrates the 100th anniversary of the physicist's theory of relativity.

Finally, Einstein gets his own museum

A book and film about the science icon are also in the works.

Albert Einstein goes digital

Thousands of the influential scientist's papers are now available online.