Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is known as the world's favorite genius. And here at From The Grapevine, we couldn't agree more. With about a story or two every week, our Einstein coverage is both comprehensive and fun. We cover everything from the science to the sublime. Looking to hear how Einstein is responsible for new planet discoveries? You'll find that here. And you'll also discover how the Nobel Prize-winning physicist influenced pop culture stalwarts like Star Wars and Superman. Bookmark this page or subscribe to our RSS feed, as our story list is constantly being updated. Because, as Einstein would say, time is all relative.

Think these kids are smarter than Einstein? Think again

After recent news of British kids scoring higher than the genius on a IQ test, we take a closer look.

Woman who studied Einstein's brain passes away

After a pathologist stole the genius's brain, neuroscientist Marian Diamond came to the rescue.

Say cheese! Iconic Einstein tongue photo is up for auction

Rare version shows the two people who were cropped out of the famous picture.

'When will the world end?' and other questions children asked Einstein

I dug through Albert Einstein's archives to find some amazing conversations he had with kids.

Want to receive a letter from Einstein and Freud? Here’s how

German designer's quirky idea will have notes from the icons arriving in your mailbox.

Weird things I found in Albert Einstein's archives

Learn about the time Einstein wanted to be a plumber and other strange things I found while digging through his letters.

Academy honors 'Genius' series with 10 Emmy nominations

National Geographic's show about Albert Einstein drew much critical praise.

4 ways Einstein’s life was perfect for TV

With NatGeo's 'Genius' now in the history books, we look back at how the show portrayed such an iconic figure.

The coolest Einstein public art on the planet

Albert Einstein continues to be celebrated with public artworks around the world.

From one friend to another: Einstein's letters to Michele Besso to be auctioned

Christie's of London selling 56 notes whose topics span the gamut from love to fame and everything in between.

Michael Jackson's best friend buys Einstein letter at auction

World-renowned mentalist and magician Uri Geller found a personal connection to one note in particular.

'Genius: Chapter 9 and 10' episode recaps – Einstein the world citizen

Did you miss the final episodes of the NatGeo series about Albert Einstein? Catch up here with this 'Genius' instant recap.

What do 'Game of Thrones' and Albert Einstein have in common?

It's Ania Bukstein, an Israeli actress bursting onto the scene with roles in both the HBO blockbuster and the NatGeo bio series 'Genius.'

'Genius: Chapter 8' episode recap – Einstein heads to America

Did you miss the eighth episode of the NatGeo series about Albert Einstein? Catch up here with this 'Genius' instant recap.

4 things Einstein said to cheer up his sad friend

Letters up for auction shed a light on a touching friendship Einstein shared with his colleague.