The world’s most terrifying glass skywalks

From the dizzying heights of Chicago to arresting views of the Alps, these glass engineering wonders open up a new world at your feet.

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The Step into the Void skywalk The Step into the Void skywalk (Photo: Compagnie du Mont-Blanc)

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Nerves of steel

For those who have gazed at the scenery beyond some precipice and wondered what the view looks like a few steps into the void, the following glass skywalks are just what you're looking for.

Advancements in the engineering of high-strength glass platforms have turned traditional viewing platforms into 360-degree wonders. No longer do you lean cautiously to see the valley or cityscape below; it's all available in its dizzying glory through only a few inches of glass below your feet.

So sit back, click through, and prepare to sweat just a bit. Even from the safety of your computer or mobile device, the following photos are likely to give your heart a workout.

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