Visit the obscure towns where major movies are filmed

From Malan Head, Ireland to Woodstock, Ill., these locations are the settings for 'Star Wars: Episode VIII' and other blockbusters.

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Micanopy Micanopy (Photo: Rho / Flickr)

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Micanopy, Fla.: 'Doc Hollywood'

For three months in 1990, the small historic town of Micanopy, Fla., and its population of 600 residents played host to the cast and crew of the film "Doc Hollywood."

Scottish director Michael Caton-Jones chose Micanopy to double as the fictional town of Grady, S.C., "the Squash Capital of the South." The downtown district's antique shops and preserved heritage character reminded him of movies from his childhood around small towns. "The movie reflects the way I grew up thinking about America," he said in a 1991 interview.

In addition to playing extras in the film, residents also allowed their storefronts and homes to be used in the production.

"It was fun during the filming, meeting so many people from that other world," longtime resident Monica Fowler recalled. "But for the most part, we are still the quiet town we've always been. I'd hate to see that change."

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