Visit the obscure towns where major movies are filmed

From Malan Head, Ireland to Woodstock, Ill., these locations are the settings for 'Star Wars: Episode VIII' and other blockbusters.

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superman plano illinois superman plano illinois (Photo: Man of Steel)

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On the map...

If a casting agent is every actor's best friend, then the location scout is truly the saving grace of every town seeking an audience.

Thanks to the magic of cinema, previously unknown landmarks, buildings or homes become hot spots with international attraction. Cities and towns that serve as the backdrops for an alien invasion or the hideaway for some favorite superhero recluse turn into buzzwords, hashtags and vacation destinations. Small pieces of the world with little to no outside awareness are suddenly, like some rising star plucked from obscurity, placed on the pop culture map.

The next several pages contain just a few locations around the world enjoying the benefits of a Hollywood relationship. As many have discovered, it's a happy ending that continues long after the film crews and actors have departed.

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