Swimming in style: 9 unbelievable hotel pools

These amazing hotel pools will make your morning swim the most exciting part of your stay.

7 / 10
7 / 10

Amangiri, Utah

Located in the canyon landscapes that dominate Southern Utah, Amangiri is surrounded by beautiful rock formations. The hotel embraces the local geography. The shape of the swimming pool is influenced by the rocks, with one escarpment jutting out into the middle of the water and almost bisecting the entire swimming area.

Even with all their great designs, the other eight pools on this list can't match the swimming facilities at Amangiri when it comes to natural beauty. The pool seems to wrap around its surroundings, while the adjacent hot tub sits at the foot of a towering rock face. The entire resort, which features suites and private villas, is built around the swimming pool, making it the focal point of every guest's stay.

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