Swimming in style: 9 unbelievable hotel pools

These amazing hotel pools will make your morning swim the most exciting part of your stay.

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Pool paradise

"Does it have a pool?" is one of the most common questions people ask when choosing a hotel. There is something almost universally attractive about the idea of being able to slip into your bathing suit, stroll a few feet from your room and dive into the water.

Actually, most hotel pools are quite modest. Limitations on space and the cost of cleaning and maintenance make Olympic-sized swimming venues impractical for most. However, in some hotels, the pool is the main attraction.

A hotel pool might catch guests' attention with its size, though many of the most interesting stand out because of a very unusual design. Then there are those that are perched on rooftops or cliff edges. The nine pools we are about to share with you are very different from one another, but they are probably attention-grabbing enough to get you to check in.

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