Short, sweet and sensational: Israel's 7 best day hikes

Incredible views don't have to be achieved at the end of a long, sweaty, exhausting climb.

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David's Waterfall at Ein Gedi David's Waterfall at Ein Gedi (Photo: Itay.G / Shutterstock)

8 / 8

David's Waterfall and Ein Gedi

David's Waterfall is the most popular attraction in the Ein Gedi Nature Preserve. Many people come to this park simply to make the 30-minute trek from the parking lot to the waterfall. The falls and pool are quite picturesque, but this isn't the only worthwhile destination inside Ein Gedi.

A six-hour route through the park begins at the Ein Gedi Field School and leads hikers along a canyon where they have to traverse the rock using metal hand-holds that have been pounded into the cliff. The reward for this effort is a stunning view of the Dead Sea. Hikers can see the water through a rock opening known as the Window. They then return inland and pass through the David's Waterfall area on the home stretch of the route.


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