Short, sweet and sensational: Israel's 7 best day hikes

Incredible views don't have to be achieved at the end of a long, sweaty, exhausting climb.

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Great views at Adamit National Park Great views at Adamit National Park (Photo: Yuriy Chertok / Shutterstock)

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Take a hike

If you consider yourself an "armchair tourist" – someone who likes to experience the world's beauty from the comfort of their living room, via blogs, photo galleries or travel shows – then sit back and enjoy this virtual ride.

In Israel, finding the most breathtaking wilderness views requires nothing more than a quick jaunt down a well-made trail. The country's best walking paths lead up scenic mountains, through deep gorges, past historic ruins or to idyllic waterfalls.

The best part is, these paths don't require a lot of planning or time. They're called day hikes because they can be achieved in as little as an hour, and in the end, you're rewarded with scenery you can't find anywhere else.

Here are seven amazing day hikes in Israel.

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