7 places where the mud is lush enough to bathe in

Immerse yourself in the soothing, relaxing depths of ... dirt.

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The mud baths of Dalyan, Turkey. The mud baths of Dalyan, Turkey. (Photo: .Martin / Flickr/Creative Commons)

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Mud Baths of Dalyan

For centuries, people have flocked to the small village of Dalyan, Turkey, located along the Mediterranean, to soak in its restorative mud pools.

Like the mud found along the Dead Sea, Dalyan's creamy mix is said to offer restorative benefits that include everything from smooth skin to arthritis relief. Many visitors report these effects lasting as long as two months after their visit.

Once covered, you can also enjoy access to the nearby mineral springs –– rich in sodium, chloride, calcium, and sulfur –– and kept at a constant 102° F from geothermal sources.

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