7 places where the mud is lush enough to bathe in

Immerse yourself in the soothing, relaxing depths of ... dirt.

6 / 8
6 / 8

Terme di Vulcano's Mud Pond

Located on the volcanically active island of Vulcano off the coast of Sicily, the Terme di Vulcano offers access to a massive geothermal mud pond. This one is completely natural, with very little in the way of amenities to complement the experience. That mud itself, however, is said to provide excellent skin benefits.

According to some reviews, the best way to experience the Terme di Vulcano is with an old bathing suit and a willing embrace of the sulfuric fumes that permeate the island. Afterwards, you can toss the suit and take a cleansing rinse in the nearby hot springs.

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