7 jaw-dropping treehouses from around the world

These incredible structures prove that adults are capable of dreaming just as big as kids.

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Free Spirit Spheres Free Spirit Spheres (Photo: Free Spirit Spheres / Tom Chudleigh)

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Free Spirit Spheres, Canada

Resembling a massive nut dangling from a tree branch, these Free Spirit Spheres are available for rent on the western coast of Vancouver Island, Canada.

Composed of fiberglass and locally sourced wood, each meticulously crafted orb measures 10 feet wide and is raised 10-15 feet off the ground via three near-vertical suspension wires. When the wind blows, the spheres gently sway, giving the occupents the almost surreal experience of being on a ship in the forest.

While only three are currently available, creator Tom Chudleigh says he hopes to one day produce 10-15 and hang them all in a large area of old growth forest.

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