7 jaw-dropping treehouses from around the world

These incredible structures prove that adults are capable of dreaming just as big as kids.

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The high life has never looked so good ...

While treehouses have always had a special place in the dream portfolios of children everywhere, it's not until recently that grown-ups started getting in on the fun with some luxurious treetop dwellings of their own.

Contained within this gallery are but a few of the remarkable treehouses – both private and for rent – available around the world. You'll find many contain wood and glass, a bit of daring, and a whole lot of ingenuity. But best of all, they all come with views of nature that can only be experienced from a perch on top of the world.

So pack a sleeping bag, grab that flashlight, and follow us up the rope ladder to some of the world's most incredible homes in the sky.

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