Forget the mall: 7 interesting 'Old World' street markets

These classic retail centers have great deals and even better atmosphere.

7 / 8
7 / 8

Shilin Night Market

Taipei is filled with night markets. When the sun goes down in Taiwan's largest city, the selling heats up. Some night markets are focused on street food exclusively, and others also have plenty of places for fueling up on fried or grilled goodies in between bargaining or window-shopping sessions.

Shilin Night Market is widely considered the best of Taipei's after-dark retail spots. Like all good markets, the streets and alleyways around Shilin's main area are filled with additional shops and eateries. 

Most people who come here are focused solely on eating. Staples like oyster omelets and "stinky" tofu are widely available, as are plenty of other only-in-Taiwan specialties. Actually, Shilin's century-old market building was demolished in 2002 for safety reasons, but the buzzing streets and exotic smells still make this one of the most atmospheric markets in Asia. 

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