Forget the mall: 7 interesting 'Old World' street markets

These classic retail centers have great deals and even better atmosphere.

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Rome's Campo de' Fiori Rome's Campo de' Fiori (Photo: Pedro Rufo / Shutterstock)

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Campo de' Fiori

Campo de' Fiori means "field of flowers" in Italian. Now a large rectangular plaza, it was actually an unused field during ancient Roman times. The square is best known for the social scene that takes place there in the evenings when college students and tourists congregate to mingle and find out what the nightlife buzz is. 

During the day, however, Campo de' Fiori is a bustling marketplace with vendors selling flowers, spices, fruit and other foods. The historic buildings are what give this Roman retail space its charms. Many people come to shop, but even more come to simply hang out. Cafes and gelato shops around the plaza draw people who want to pause for a few minutes with a treat in hand and soak in the distinctly Roman ambiance of Fiori.  

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