8 thrilling cable car rides

These aerial trams provide scenic views and a healthy dose of excitement.

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Rosh Hanikra Cable Car, Israel

The cliff of Rosh Hanikra, on the northwestern tip of Israel, gives way to a geological phenomenon. Below the cliff lies a brilliant union of mountain and sea. The site is most famous for its series of stunning grottoes (otherwise known as sea caves) that, unless you're an experienced diver, can only be accessed by cable car.

Believed to be the steepest in the world, the cable car ride is no longer than three minutes – but it's bound to be the most exhilarating three minutes of your life as you take in the breathtaking views of the sparkling, bright blue sea. When you descend into the grottoes, you'll be able to walk along the trail and take it all in. The grotto formation is a result of years of sea action against the soft, chalk surface of the rock. You're not allowed to swim at Rosh Hanikra, but there's a beach nearby in Achziv, as well as further down the coast in Nahariya, with plenty of year-round swimming.

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